Outdoor Living

Turn your outdoor space into a place for fun and relaxation with our premium sound and water feature offerings.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Environments For Over 35 Years

Looking for a way to enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come? Let our experts provide you with a free design consulation and quotation on ways to increase the appeal and value of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Sound Systems
Our premium outdoor sound systems utilze satellite speakers and a below ground subwoofer strong enough to cover up to 2,000 square feet of outdoor space.  The entire system is meant to be hidden within your landscape while delivering high-quality sound performance.
Ponds & Water Features

Add a unique centerpiece to your landscape with our outdoor ponds and water features.  Our experts install patio ponds, in ground ponds, and custom waterfalls.  Create a centerpiece for your landscape with our water feature offerings.

Put water in its place with an expertly designed and installed drainage system.  We utilize french drains, trench drains, catch basins and more to avoid pooling and ensure water ends up away from structures and walkways.
Bug Repellent

Enjoy your outdoor space without pesky mosquitos and other bugs.  Our bug repellent systems provide relief that last an entire season. Say goodbye to sprays, candles, and other mosquito repellent products by installing a worry-free bug repellent system.

Fertilizer Injection Systems
Keep your lawn looking its best throughout the year with our automatic fertilization systems. Let us eliminate the need to worry about when and how to fertilize your grass manaully.

Transform Your Landscape With Aquascape Water Products

Featuring Natural & Environmentally Friendly Water Features


Aquascape water features become the highlight of your outdoor living space. Add a touch of water to your patio with a simple Patio Pond or Fire Fountain. Incorporate a Pondless Waterfall or an ecosystem pond into your landscape to add aesthetic appeal to your property while providing a stunning backdrop for outdoor entertaining.

Quality Products Deliver Quality Results

We proudly install outdoor living products from the following manufacturers:

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